Can I broadcast using 3rd party apps?

Yes!  Busker now supports an RTMP publishing endpoint using tools such as OBSWirecastAdobe FMLEFFmpeg, or other similar broadcasting tools.  The RTMP endpoint is for technically advanced users only and as such we provide no additional support outside of this article.  For support of the aforementioned tools, please contact the vendor directly.

Technical Specs

Video Format

  • The recommended max bit rate is 1000 Kbps.  We allow spikes above this because of the nature of streaming video, but if you average over 2000 Kbps (including audio) for over 30 seconds, we will automatically kill the broadcast.
  • We accept any aspect ratio or resolution but keep in mind the max bit rate limits noted above always apply.  Our in-app resolution is a 360x640 profile aspect ratio.  The player on our app will scale and crop accordingly for each device.  We do not currently rotate the video, so be aware that landscape broadcasts will be significantly cropped by the viewer.
  • We accept H264 video encoding only.  Anything other than this and the server will reject the connection. We recommend using Baseline profile, level 3.1 or lower for the benefit of older devices, however we will allow up to High profile with level 4.1.
  • We accept broadcasts at 30 fps or less.  Anything more and the server will reject the stream.  Anything less and your viewers will likely complain.
  • You should send an I-frame (keyframe) at least every two seconds within the stream to ensure a quality viewing experience on mobile networks.

Audio Format

  • We accept AAC audio encoding only.  Anything other than this and the server will reject the connection.
  • The audio must be encoded with a sample rate of 44100 Hz.  Any other setting and the server will reject the connection.
  • The audio bit rate must be 64 Kbps mono or 128 Kbps stereo.  Note that only the newest versions of our app support stereo output.

Endpoint and Stream Key

The URL for the RTMP endpoint is rtmp://  The stream key is a 10 character string unique to each broadcast.  The only way to get a stream key is by creating a scheduled broadcast.  Once scheduled, you will see the key under the title.

The key is only valid from 5 minutes before the scheduled start time to 1 hour after the scheduled start time.  For weekly scheduled broadcasts, note that the stream key changes each week.  As soon as you start publishing with a key, the broadcast is considered live and your followers will be notified.  There is no preview mode on Busker.  Once you stop publishing, the broadcast is ended and the video is prepared for replay.  Restarting a stream during the key window will restart the broadcast, deleting the prior video, so it is recommended you turn off automatic reconnects within your publishing app.

Finally, in order to keep video latency to a minimum, Busker does not do any transcoding at server level.  It is assumed you know what you are doing with these tools and can ensure a high quality broadcast for your viewers.  While this puts more of the technical burden on you, we also feel it allows you the technical user to further push the limits of what Busker can do.  Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

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